The one about the World Dog Show

The World Dog Show in China, such a delicate topic, we talk a little about this, talk a little about why it was a failure, and then because it is such a delicate topic, we talk about other “delicate” topics in our “tip of the week” segment. Enjoy!

The one about lingerie yoda…

this isn’t lingerie or yoda, but I don’t have an episode about Santa and a chicken…

Inspired by two little events that I happened to be part of (kinda). This episode is designed to help you think about living your very best life at ANY age! It is never too late to start or finish or even pick up where we once left off. Your life is yours to live every moment, every minute and every single year. This is not your practice life.

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The one about being more than enough…

or whose son you are…

We are all the same. No person is better than anyone else. We are all made of atoms (or stardust as I like to say) We all breathe the same air too. Every person we know, we meet, we make eye contact with or that we pass in the street makes up their own opinion of us.

Who we truly are is who WE think WE are in our own thoughts and beliefs. It is easy for me to not think that I am enough. When I notice these thoughts I have to change them. Change them in my head. That is the only thing that really changes it those thoughts and then I am changed.

In the beginning, it took a bit to change those thoughts. It took time because I wouldn’t notice that the thoughts weren’t serving me. Now I notice. Now I know I am more than enough. And the days that I don’t know that? Well, I change those thoughts and then ,y day changes right along with it.

Join me in living your best life.

I love you all


The one about the time I was asked to leave…

Students and a wonderful Poodle Model!

The one about the time I was asked to leave….

Yes! excused from the Best In Show ring with one of the Nation’s top dogs! (please note has nothing to do with the dog in the photograph above!)

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The one about what I want to be when I grow up…

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lets talk soon!

The one about mentors…

Ricky at PCA with Allison

Mentors, I was so lucky to have them. I am so proud to call some amazing people at the top of their game my friends….

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The one about designing your best life…

When a girl looks like her chicken….

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The one about gratitude…

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The one about the oil slick…

Kate in the group ring at Westminster KC with Allison

In this episode, we talk about using “oil” on your dog to help ease with grooming. In full disclosure, Allison is not a fan of the traditional way of “oiling” coats. Of course, you can listen to her reasoning and make your own judgment. Allison also explains the ways she does like to use oil. This podcast brought to you by leadingedgedogshowacademy.com the world’s leading online school to learn everything dog show. Use the code PODCAST30 for a discount on all of our courses!

The one about Will and the Weimaraner…

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The one about you 2.0

The Wonderful World of Allison. Allison helping you design your dream life, because you deserve it! Where do we start? You need a plan. You can’t get to a new destination without directions. Time to give directions to your life so you can have it all!

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