The one about the World Dog Show

The World Dog Show in China, such a delicate topic, we talk a little about this, talk a little about why it was a failure, and then because it is such a delicate topic, we talk about other “delicate” topics in our “tip of the week” segment. Enjoy!

The one about the Perfect Average Day!

Do you want to start creating the life you deserve? Make everyday count? Make every day as perfect as possible!? I always thought about this concept, but my how my life changed when I put it into context! Listen and start living your dreams now. This is not your practice life!

The one about the cake.

My favourite dog show day of the year. Poodle day at Crufts. The Magic, the beautiful poodles, my beautiful friends and cake. Lots and lots of cake. Did I mention cake?

And I tell you about a great product where I have witnessed the science put into a great dog shampoo by a company that cares.

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The one about getting Lucky!

Hello and welcome to episode two of the Leading Edge Dog Show Academy Podcast! “The one about getting Lucky”.

Here Allison brings you another amusing story about life on the dog show road! As well she talks about giving judges chances, which really just lets you as the exhibitor have the most chances!

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First Podcast


Welcome to the first ever Leading Edge Dog Show Podcast! I am so excited to have this finally come to fruition!

This podcast series will be a light “a funny thing happened on the way to the dog show” type podcast. Stories and tales from the road of a Professional Dog Handler. As well in each episode we will bring you a tip, trick, hack or product review of something we like or have tried that makes our lives easier!

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As well we offer a tip about “After U Bathe” or “After Bath” by Chris Christensen systems. You can find After Bath and all CCS products at www.chrissystems.com

Thanks for joining us!