The one about being more than enough…

or whose son you are…

We are all the same. No person is better than anyone else. We are all made of atoms (or stardust as I like to say) We all breathe the same air too. Every person we know, we meet, we make eye contact with or that we pass in the street makes up their own opinion of us.

Who we truly are is who WE think WE are in our own thoughts and beliefs. It is easy for me to not think that I am enough. When I notice these thoughts I have to change them. Change them in my head. That is the only thing that really changes it those thoughts and then I am changed.

In the beginning, it took a bit to change those thoughts. It took time because I wouldn’t notice that the thoughts weren’t serving me. Now I notice. Now I know I am more than enough. And the days that I don’t know that? Well, I change those thoughts and then ,y day changes right along with it.

Join me in living your best life.

I love you all


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