The one about the nagging task…

We all dream of those perfect days. Many of us do not do one single thing to make our days be perfect. We all know the better our days, the better our weeks, the better our months, our years and eventually we have such an amazing life!

It can start by making one single change. What would be the PERFECT way to wake up? Beside a lover? Beside the ocean? What do you put on when you wake up? What do you see? Is there music playing and bright lights to get you energized? Or dim lighting, silence to welcome you gently to your day?

I challenge you to make those changes TODAY. Buy a new robe, new pajamas. Or maybe you like to wake up and wear yoga gear or a big sweatshirt. Whatever it is, get it but it and put it near your bed. Organize your most delicious morning java, or tea, or fresh squeezed OJ. Cue the music, install a dimmer switch (ok I will give you until the weekend to do that one).

Make a perfect moment, and then another…. it’s worth it, you will see!

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