The one about mentors…

Ricky at PCA with Allison

Mentors, I was so lucky to have them. I am so proud to call some amazing people at the top of their game my friends….

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The one about designing your best life…

When a girl looks like her chicken….

You deserve better. You know you do. Stop holding back. This is your one life-why would you hold back? There is no good reason (and I can’t even think of a bad one) to hold back. Design your dream life now. Join me to design your best life.

The one about gratitude…

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The one about the oil slick…

Kate in the group ring at Westminster KC with Allison

In this episode, we talk about using “oil” on your dog to help ease with grooming. In full disclosure, Allison is not a fan of the traditional way of “oiling” coats. Of course, you can listen to her reasoning and make your own judgment. Allison also explains the ways she does like to use oil. This podcast brought to you by the world’s leading online school to learn everything dog show. Use the code PODCAST30 for a discount on all of our courses!

The one about Will and the Weimaraner…

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The one about you 2.0

The Wonderful World of Allison. Allison helping you design your dream life, because you deserve it! Where do we start? You need a plan. You can’t get to a new destination without directions. Time to give directions to your life so you can have it all!

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The one about the recipe…

We all want to live the life of our dreams. The problem is we forget to make a plan. We forget to change our thoughts to how fabulous we are. Think of your life as a recipe. Gather the ingredients. Read the recipe several times. Make a plan for cooking that delicious meal. You can have the life, the meal you so deserve. And I would like to help you have it. I really feel that this is the reason I am here. To inspire those to have the life of their dreams. If I can you can too…

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The one about the gratefullness!

How did I realize what would make my day perfect? it all started with gratitude. Gratitude was hard in the beginning. Like everything else practice makes perfect. In this podcast, I share my own journal entry (which comes from the heart and a lot of my own practice) and how to design the life you deserve! with love.

The one about the Perfect Average Day!

Do you want to start creating the life you deserve? Make everyday count? Make every day as perfect as possible!? I always thought about this concept, but my how my life changed when I put it into context! Listen and start living your dreams now. This is not your practice life!

The one about the World Dog Show

The World Dog Show in China, such a delicate topic, we talk a little about this, talk a little about why it was a failure, and then because it is such a delicate topic, we talk about other “delicate” topics in our “tip of the week” segment. Enjoy!