The one about living your loudest life…

Live out loud. Stop holding back. Everyone is so caught up in their own lives they will not notice small inconsistencies why should you? Live your absolute best life. Do the things that you want to do how you want to do them.

And the Placebo effect. I think in order to understand just how important our brains are to creating the life, the job, the house anything we want we have to understand the placebo effect…. join me here and listen in to learn more!

The one about the nagging task…

We all dream of those perfect days. Many of us do not do one single thing to make our days be perfect. We all know the better our days, the better our weeks, the better our months, our years and eventually we have such an amazing life!

It can start by making one single change. What would be the PERFECT way to wake up? Beside a lover? Beside the ocean? What do you put on when you wake up? What do you see? Is there music playing and bright lights to get you energized? Or dim lighting, silence to welcome you gently to your day?

I challenge you to make those changes TODAY. Buy a new robe, new pajamas. Or maybe you like to wake up and wear yoga gear or a big sweatshirt. Whatever it is, get it but it and put it near your bed. Organize your most delicious morning java, or tea, or fresh squeezed OJ. Cue the music, install a dimmer switch (ok I will give you until the weekend to do that one).

Make a perfect moment, and then another…. it’s worth it, you will see!

The one about if failure was not an option…

Many people perceive that they will fail. The thoughts get in their head that they cannot do that and of course those thoughts are rewarded because that daunting “thing” never does get accomplished. We think we will fail therefore we do… That is the failure.

What would you do if you knew you absolutely could not fail? What is it?

I am telling you you cannot fail. You cannot fail if you believe that you can succeed. If you don’t believe call me. I will set the record straight! With love.

Click the link below to design a life of purpose.

The one about designing your life…

Life just happens. But here is news, at the end of your life, when it is your time, no one comes up to you and says, well it is time to go-but i noticed you were miserable for about 6 years and 3 months of your 112 years, I am going to give those back. That friends is not what happens.

I would like to share with you that you can design your life. whether you are 18 or 80 it is never too late to have the life that you want, you crave, you deserve. Never too late.

Because life can happen with a purpose. Love you all.

The one about we are what we think we are…

We are who and what we think we are. It really is that simple. Every person we see meet or pass on the street will make their own version of us up in their heads. We have no control over that. It simply does not matter what ANYONE thinks of us. the problem is we often think too little of ourselves. Have you ever monitored your thoughts even for a day? The things we say to ourselves. I used to have thoughts in my head about myself that I wouldn’t say to my worst enemy. I changed my thoughts. I learned how to take negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. Some were easy. Some were very hard. Some I had to simply just change to neutral to start with. I still monitor my thoughts EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. But it is so worth it. I am living the most awesome, inspiring and positive life! if you want to join one of my groups here is the link.